T3 stabilizer foot

Stabiliser Foot for Taurus 3

Taurus 3 Ring Saw made even better!

The new Taurus 3 Ring Saw Blade Stabiliser reduces grommet
wear dramatically. It also gives you more control and stability
when cutting thicker material. The Stabiliser adjusts easily to
accommodate different thickness material.  Perfect when using
any of the Taurus 3 blades. This spectacular improvement will
be included in all Taurus 3 Ring Saws starting in June 2005
at no additional cost. The Stabiliser will fit all previously
purchased Taurus 3 Ring Saws without any modifications and
will be available at your favorite supplier at a nominal cost.

Gemini Saw Company continues to add value to the Taurus 3
Ring Saw with yet another improvement to the best saw for
cutting all types of material.